Sunday, 16 June 2013

Mac Club Eyeshadow Dupe

Hello everyone,

Ever fancied trying Mac's Club eyeshadow? Me too! However I don't always have £12 for one eyeshadow so when I heard about this dupe by MUA I knew I had to try it. The best thing is, it was only £1!

I really wish I did have Mac Club to show you the two side by side but unfortunately I don't. If you Google it right now, and come straight back, you will see what I mean!

Mac Club Eyeshadow Dupe

Mac Club Eyeshadow Dupe

This may not look like a big deal in the pan but it is a really beautiful colour. Mac Club is a duochrome shadow that from certain angles will look green, teal and brown. It seems to be that when applied mostly the green shimmer will show through, but as you start to blend it out it will produce a warm, red toned brown.

The MUA No 12 shadow is just the same. It is absolutely gorgeous! I like to wear this on a night out and I don't have heaps of time to get ready as this can make a smoky eye all by itself. Without the need for 4 different shadows. You can just apply, blend and go.

Mac Club Eyeshadow Dupe

This is a really versatile shade. This is also perfect for every skin tone. It's so striking and looks like you have created a small work of art on your eyelids!

So if you are looking to get club and if like me you don't want to spend £12, then get yourself to Superdrug or 

Love Linda xoxo


  1. I recently bought Club and this looks soooo similar! xx

    1. It is! My camera isn't the best so it's not picking the colour up that great but this is an amazing dupe :)

  2. I actually have this and the Silver and white one which I am going to swatch and review. I love them and think the color pay off is amazing!

  3. Totally buying this post spending ban! I've eyed Club up from afar for ages xx

  4. I love MUA. Great post.
    Would love if we could follow each other

  5. Yes, i bought this shade because i heard it is dupe for MAC club. even if it is not dupe for MAC, i still adore it cause the colour is totally amazing plus the pigmentation is superb! easy to blend and can wear it's own without any additional color eyeshadow for crease. 5 stars for this product!


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